unexpected barrier between

I started walking. Seoljong quickly approached him and stood in front of the competition. I could not send until I knew why.
 fountain! Wait, why are you doing this? Why are you doing this?
 I just got back what I gave wrong.
 His voice in reply was too harsh and sharp. It feels like scraping her heart so that it gets rusted with a rusty knife. The tone was strangely cold and creepy, so the belly was cool. Somehow, tears seem to pour out, and snow extinguished quickly.
 What's wrong?
 She asked, but he walked past the snowslide as if he had no intention of explaining. Suddenly grabbed his arms passing by.
 Sam, don't just go away ......... Aw!
 When he smashed her arm down, the snow bell shook and fell to the floor. A snow bell thrown on the ground raised his head and watched Kyung-jin. His cruel expression, standing back against the streetlight, felt horrible.
 He had never seen himself with such a face, but he could not see why he was so cruel. Even though he felt so miserable that he fell on the floor, he couldn't say anything because he felt as if his body was frozen in his cold gaze.
 He told her that he fell down terribly. The molar was chewed in a state of being bitten off. The back was thrilled and felt a tremendous fear. The body of the extinction was shaking thinly.
 Don't talk to me in the future Don't come near either.
 So he disappeared. Although the skin was unpleasantly moistened on the damp ground, the extinction could not move. Only the footsteps of his feet stumble could not move the snow. Only his footsteps walked like a hallucination in her chest. Sculpture under the sky was shining two people silently.

 The night was deep. Seoljong came back to the office and was spending a vain time without going one line further. Her shaking eyes were full of sadness and embarrassment. No matter how I thought, I couldn't figure out why JIN was so angry.
 After several hours of repeated wandering in the same wheel of the accident, he became hesitant and listened to the phone as he approached midnight. How many times hesitated, I finally got courage and called him, but the power was turned off as if to ridicule that impatience.
 [Phone is off ......]

 Seoljong closed his cell phone with a stupid face.
 denial. That was it. There was an unexpected barrier between him and himself that felt like a traverse. I don't know where it came from or why it appeared, but because of the pointed windows on the wall, the extinction was injured.
 The extinct elbows on the table, 넷마블머니상 bowed head, face covered with hands. I was dizzy. I felt as if I was wandering in the distant darkness that I could not see. As she grasps, jinjing is the type that gets angry as she gets angry. If such a person did such an explosive action, he must have done something terribly wrong. It seemed crazy.
 Pippi, Pippi.
 When the beep of the waist ringed, the extinguishment woke up from the spot with careless eyes. It was an emergency call. Even on this day, I had to look at the patient. It's a casual face. Seol's mind leaving the office was dizzy, like a wild storm, but at least as calm as her appearance. The doctor's path was sometimes harsh.

 Even during the morning conferences and in his rounds, he was consistent with his expressionless face, like a man wearing an icy mask. Her heart was broken with severe cold disregard for her severely disregarding her and later turning her eyes to the direction of the extinction. At the end of the round, Seoljong approached Dong-wook and grabbed his sleeve.
 Sam, wait a minute.
 As Dong-wook looked back in a suspicious expression, she took him to the emergency stairs and closed the door. Dongwook frowned that he knew the momentum of the extinction.
 What is it? What's up?
 When I saw Dong Wook, I tried to say something, but when I looked at his face, I suddenly felt sad and tears spilled. Dong-wook, who was surprised to see the tears of the snow drifts, suddenly opened his eyes wide.
 No, why are you crying, Mr. Kim? What's up?
 Black, black!
 Seoljong soaked his mouth and nose, but did not connect properly. Embarrassed and helped Donguk took her handkerchief and handed it to her.
 Wipe it off.
 After he wiped the tears flowing with the handkerchief he gave, he became somewhat calm and opened his mouth in a slightly swollen voice.
 Chief Sam is weird. I'm very angry, but I don't know why.
 Are you Kyung-jin?
 Seeing the nodding and wiping tears, Dong-uk thought for a while. And as a result, Kyung Jin left the hospital early yesterday afternoon and had no news until the morning. This morning, as usual, the man who came to work in time like a knife was late for thirty minutes. 'I'm late', but I didn't have a response. I just wanted to feel a bit unhappy, but it was obvious that something big happened if the snow bell shed tears.
 Calm down, I'll find out.
 Dong-wook, who patted the shoulder of the extinction, opened the door and disappeared. Seoljong, who stayed in place and took a breath away, came out with a certain level of comfort. Since last night, I couldn't sleep or eat anything and felt dizzy.
 However, such dizziness or hunger was insignificant compared to the stuffiness and grief that filled the heart. Seoljong tried hard and went down to my basement CT room. This was because the patient had to be informed of the tumor picture reading at the time of the round. In order to stay awake, her back, biting her small red lips and walking slowly on the wall, weighed down.

 As he watched Gyeong-jin shut his mouth with a cold look all over the country, Dong-wook did not say it, but he felt that something big had happened. Rather than simply being angry, the harsh and sharp momentum evident from the climaxes made Dong Wook anxious. Dong-wook, who had been silently observing him all morning while studying next to him, woke up when he and his other 3 and 4 years went down to the restaurant for lunch.
 let's go eat.
 Jing was silent. He kept looking at the PET picture on the computer monitor without moving a finger, and Dong-wook called again to find out that his eyes were slightly out of focus.
 Kyung Jin.
 Go first.
 It seemed to be as restrained as possible, but obviously Dong-wook's eyebrows were slightly blurred. Something was anxious. Somewhere wounded reminded me of the dim memory as it was then.
 What are you doing?


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