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scared that she could not come

For the time being, I don't want to talk to you.  When Kyung-jin cut coldly and firmly, Dong-wook looked at him for a long time with a speechless look. Then Dong-wook quietly stepped out of the country. Dong-wook's heart slowly walking down the hall has been tightened with tension. I can't say anything, but my nervous feeling scratched his nerve cord. He steps with a complicated face, who is coming from behind. I turned around and it was diarrhea and protest. Hanga heard that the designation of Hang-a had a lot of hardened look.  What happened?  I was so curious about what I found out, but I asked with eager tone, but Dong-wook shook his head slowly.  No, but .. I don't feel good.  Seeing Dong-wook's dark 피망머니상 face, the head of Seoljong's head was bent, and deep disappointment surrounded her. What's the reason you didn't even find Dong-uk who believed? Seol-jong, who stared at the earth with a firm face, suddenly raised his head.  Is Chief S

unexpected barrier between

I started walking. Seoljong quickly approached him and stood in front of the competition. I could not send until I knew why.  fountain! Wait, why are you doing this? Why are you doing this?  I just got back what I gave wrong.  His voice in reply was too harsh and sharp. It feels like scraping her heart so that it gets rusted with a rusty knife. The tone was strangely cold and creepy, so the belly was cool. Somehow, tears seem to pour out, and snow extinguished quickly.  What's wrong?  She asked, but he walked past the snowslide as if he had no intention of explaining. Suddenly grabbed his arms passing by.  Sam, don't just go away ......... Aw!  When he smashed her arm down, the snow bell shook and fell to the floor. A snow bell thrown on the ground raised his head and watched Kyung-jin. His cruel expression, standing back against the streetlight, felt horrible.  He had never seen himself with such a face, but he could not see why he was so cruel. Even though he felt so