scared that she could not come

For the time being, I don't want to talk to you.
 When Kyung-jin cut coldly and firmly, Dong-wook looked at him for a long time with a speechless look. Then Dong-wook quietly stepped out of the country. Dong-wook's heart slowly walking down the hall has been tightened with tension. I can't say anything, but my nervous feeling scratched his nerve cord. He steps with a complicated face, who is coming from behind. I turned around and it was diarrhea and protest. Hanga heard that the designation of Hang-a had a lot of hardened look.
 What happened?

 I was so curious about what I found out, but I asked with eager tone, but Dong-wook shook his head slowly.
 No, but .. I don't feel good.
 Seeing Dong-wook's dark 피망머니상 face, the head of Seoljong's head was bent, and deep disappointment surrounded her. What's the reason you didn't even find Dong-uk who believed? Seol-jong, who stared at the earth with a firm face, suddenly raised his head.
 Is Chief Sam alone in the country?
 Seoljong, who hesitated for a while, took a deep breath and slowly walked to Ui-guk. The closer I approached the door, the faster my heart beat. Hearing in my head last night, I remembered what he said.
 'Don't talk to me in the future. Don't come near me. '
 Thinking of that scary and cold way of speaking, my nose was soaked again and tears came out, but he tried to suppress his emotions. Knocking her hand, her wrist was shaking.
 There was no answer to knocking. Seoljong tried to knock once more and just dropped his hand and opened the door. Stepping into the empire, her legs were terribly cramped. She stood behind the back, but Jinjin looked into the monitor without giving her eye to the line. The dry saliva sprang by itself.
 It is me.
 Seolji said slowly. He still did not move. I was frustrated as my throat was tightening.
 I don't know what to say ... I can't figure out why Sam is doing this or what makes him angry.
 As tears swelled up, he stopped talking for a while to deal with the emotion. Do not cry. Had to speak calmly, straight. She bites her already broken lips again.
 Tell me please. Please tell me if I did something wrong.
 Kyung-jin sat like a hardened stone statue without blinking her eyelids. It is as if anyone is now dead. The heartache, which was so heartbreaking, swallowed like a scream.
 Huh! Sam, please, tell me. Yeah?
 Finally she collapsed. It was so pathetic to hear the heart shaking, tears crying, and sorrow. Only then did Gyeongjin wake up slowly. It was a stiff motion like a puppet that came out of life. He stepped to the door to escape her crying. Again, as he thought he was trying to avoid him, a sudden slumber grabbed the arm of Kyung-jin.
 fountain! Do not go!
 At the touch of extinction, 윈조이포커칩 his body fluttered momentarily. The extinction also stopped in fear. Last night I remembered him so stubbornly and fervently rooted himself. But the same thing was not repeated. He grabbed her hand with my hand and dismissed it, ignoring the eye of the extinction. At least he avoided being thrown to the ground, but the still frustrating snowman called him anxiously with eyes full of tears.
 Sam, Chief Sam, please? Don't do this to me! If there's a misunderstanding, say it.
 At the moment, he grabbed her shoulder and pushed the extinction against the wall. Surprised by the texture of the hard wall that touched her back, even when she didn't wake up, his big fist hit his face at a tremendous speed, and the snow screamed and screamed.

 Just next to her face, Jin's fist is stuck in the wall. Fortunately, the gypsum board was not a concrete bearing wall, but even though I punched hard, the place squeezed into the spotlight and shook with vibration from the ceiling light.
 He mumbled in cynicism. Her lip spalled her with the fear of running down her spine. It was strange. He was strange. Kyung-jin stared at her with her eyes wide open, and her lips sweetened her lips.
 go. If you come back ... you might kill you.
 I was serious. At that moment his eyes were saying so. Despair was in the eyes of the snowman who realized the fact.
 Sam ...... You are so.
 As the bell murmured vainly, Kyung-jin laughed.
 I did not know? I'm a child.
 The strange eye hurts, and the eye of the snowman turned to him on his own. What did she say, the door opened wide and Dong Wook entered. He drove the snow on the wall and screamed loudly toward Kyung-a, who was staring at her.
 Park Kyung-jin, why are you doing this ?!
 ....get out.
 Jin Moor's molar bite tight and breathing was soaring with soaring anger. But Dongwoon was unstoppable.
 This bitch, say it! Why are you doing this?
 Even before Dong-wook's words, Kyung-jin shook his fist and hit him. In a unexpected unexpected attack, Dong Wook's body was pushed back and fell to the floor. There was a loud sound of something cracking. It was a good match, Dong-wook's lips burst quickly and the drops of blood dropped. Dong-wook looks at the absurd eyes and screams as he screams.
 Don't play with people!
 The force was so nasty and harsh that he stared intently at the scene, forgetting what to say. He stood there for a while and breathed out his breath. As Kyung-jin went out, the snow-clad swelling drowned against the wall. All of this was incredible.
 Dong-wook rubbed his lips with his back, pulled out tissues, and spit his blood out of his mouth. My mouth burst completely. It will swell in a little while, so you will have to work hard for a few days. Seeing the blood on his hand as he was not hemostatic, he squeezed his lips with a tissue.
 What happened was so scared that she could not come into the empire, but stood outside and rolled her feet to see Dong-wook's face.
 Sam, are you okay?
 He nodded and sat down on the floor and leaned toward a drooping snowball like an exasperated person.
 Please raise me up.
 Ah yes. Are you okay?
 I'm fine.
 Hang-a, who hangs up with Hang-a's hand, stood up and sat on the chair next to him. Hang-a was anxious to see the red blood-stained tissue quickly piled up on the table.
 Shouldn't you be Chushu?
 done. I'll stop here.
 Dong-wook shook his head as he pressed his tissue to his lips. The three faced each other and were silent. I knew that all the same feelings are frustrating and just sighed. When Seo Jong rose up from his seat, Dong Wook opened his mouth anxiously.
 Are you sure?
 Yes. It's okay. It will be fine.
 Even if the jongjong memorized 한게임머니 even if the spell, but she knew that it was a lie, she knew Donguk. Just before, she faced the wrath of Kyung-jin who had driven like a blast. Seoljong, who came out of Ui-guk, walked down the corridor with Hang-ah slowly and thought that life might sometimes be thrown into unexpected harmony. Is life not to be able to expect a step ahead?
 'I was crying ........'
 Crushing when he yells at Dong Wook terribly. It was a bite that went over his eyes at that time. Dong-wook, who had fallen, may not have seen it, but he saw the snowball that was watching him right next to him. When I remembered those sad and wounded eyes, my heart was eaten again. I wanted to know. What drives him so much. Why he was so hurt. If you didn't teach me, I had to figure it out myself.


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